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Now, you can learn the Hammond Organ, it's history, practical concepts for playing, chord positioning for getting the best results, styles, techniques, runs, riffs and fun facts - from one who has performed all over North America, arranged and directed choirs and choral groups for decades, recorded over two dozen projects in Nashville, and produced and played for many other artists.

This is A Comprehensive Course On Video Starting at the Beginning With The Basic Building Blocks - To Making Complex Chords, Progressions and Licks That Will Make You Feel Great About Playing The Hammond Organ!
 (or any Brand other than Hammond)

The ABCs of the Hammond Organ

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Terry Gunn began his music career in the early 1970s.  After being full time Music Minister in Phoenix, Arizona for fours years, he became the Music Director in Stockton, California, a church with over 4,000 in attendance every weekend.  Terry taught Music Theory and private music lessons on piano and organ to hundreds of people during this period.

In 1990 Terry and his family began traveling and singing full time all across the United States and Canada.  They all sang and played together for 17 years.  They retired from the road in 2007, after more than 35 years in music full time.  The Gunns recorded three projects with Herald Records in the 70s and four custom projects in California in the 80s.  In the 90s, they recorded with Zion Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee and put together several projects for them, including five family projects, two with Gateway College Choir & Chorale, as well as a few piano projects.

Each Lesson is Jam Packed Full of Information and Demonstrations With Two Camera Angels Showing all the Details!!

The principles are the same with any style of music you play.  It doesn't matter if you are into classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, or any other style.  This course will help you to master the principles of the Hammond Organ and help you go further whatever style of music you like.  You are encouraged to take plenty of time with each lesson depending on your level of knowledge on the subject.  And when you are finished, you will do a better job, and feel better about your playing!

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Learn at your own speed; if you are up to date on one particular lesson subject, you can breeze through that one and concentrate on the ones with which your are not so comfortable.

From lesson one all the way through the course, there is one goal:  to teach you about the Hammond Organ and make the experience enjoyable. 

The Complete Package Today For Only $27

The ABCs of the
Hammond Organ

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The Complete Package Today For Only $27